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Guiding Young Men.

We are a Gold Coast provider specialising in SIL, ILO, CP and STA holidays for young male NDIS participants with cognitive impairment, mental ill health and psychosocial challenges. 

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Why Choose Carewise Group?

> Holistic Men's Support: Carewise Group stands out by offering not only essential services but also unique initiatives like quarterly men’s camps, monthly fishing trips, barbecue catch ups, and creating hubs as a place for our young men, their families, and friends to come together.

> Mentorship and Guidance: Carewise Group fosters a community of strong men who mentor and guide participants, offering support across various aspects of life, including social skills, life skills, confidence, and independence.

 > Structured Programs: Our Workwise and Skillwise programs offer progression opportunities for employment and to up-skill across seven pillars, empowering young men towards independence.


What our participants have to say...

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 "I can be myself with Carewise. The support staff actually care about me. I like working with the boys in Workwise and making money."



SIL Resident

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Hang out with great people.

Make new friends and connect with cool people through our social events. Get involved in our activities, such as; camping and fishing trips, social hub gatherings and group BBQ's. We're a social bunch, but don't worry it's all at your own pace.

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Join our work crew and get paid.

Get into employment with our Workwise program. We'll help you to up-skill on the job and learn employment dynamics whilst earning money.


Be part of a team and learn from qualified tradesmen. You'll benefit from getting outdoors and doing a hard days work.


Up-skill and get rewarded

The Skillwise program helps you develop important life skills in areas such as; Relationships, money management, cooking and problem solving. You decide how you engage in the program and how you'd like to be rewarded for your efforts.

Our unique model of care

So much more than just accommodation, we're building your Circle of Support.

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A Care Model You Can Count On

Our staffing model allows us to quickly show you we can be trusted. A support worker will stay at the house on a 7 day on, 7 day off roster. Long shifts provide stability and consistency that you can count on (no short shifts, no revolving door of staff).

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Creating Places to Belong​​

You'll find a place to belong with Carewise. Meet new friends and connect with people you can trust and relate to. With a place you can call home and a support network around you that cares, you will feel confident to go after your goals. 

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An Individual Plan for Progress

We'll help you to develop an individual plan for progress, based on your needs, goals, strengths and areas for improvement. You'll feel empowered as you begin to kick goals and develop the skills you'll need to live independently.

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A passion for what we do.

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We've got your back.

"We are passionate about helping young men because we know that they have so much potential. Through Carewise, we provide the right support to help them on their journey to a successful and fulfilling life".

Co-founders Wilson and Rakai Strother 

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Keen to learn more about how we can support you to hit your goals?

If so, we would love to hear from you.

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